The Founder

Domenick is a published author, trained actor and creator of fun.  While Domenick is constantly working on a wide variety of projects, he noticed a common theme with most of his idea. 99% of them were humorous in nature and 90% had a connection to the supernatural. That led to the creation of Gelonysus.  

The name comes from a combination of Gelos the Greek god of laughter and Dionysus the Greek god of frat parties. Originally it was going to be based on gods of knowledge, but it occurred to him that in an age where the physical world can be so heavy, it would be better to look at the magical world with a light hearted spirit.

The book that started Domenick down this path was You’re A Vampire That Sucks A Survival Guide.

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While the spiritual world brings us to a plane of existence beyond that of physical possession, The Order of Gelonysus was created in the physical world and requires money to survive. For that reason, all Amazon Links are Affiliate Links.  The price of the products don’t change, but I’ll receive a small percentage of the profits. The ads you see are not recommended by the site, but by a mysterious algorithm of the advertising entity. 

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