The internet offers a wonderful variety of sites to write and read about what you love. Gelonysus decided to write on Hubpages instead of creating the post here on this site. Their site has an easy to use format to write about a wide variety of topics and exposed Gelonysus to a larger audience of readers who might want to join us. Click the links below to check out our profile or individual articles.


The Articles

Pokémon Go: Day One – Getting Started – Gelonysus Pokémon Journal Join me as I play Pokémon Go as if I am actually in the game. This journal was designed to be informative on game play and the larger Pokémon mythology.

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Physical Appearance Looking at a few of the famous film & T.V. shows interpretations of how Mary Shelley Frankenstein monster looks.

The First Frankenstein Film A look at the 1910 Frankenstein silent film.